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A Captivating Tropical Brunch Celebration: Embrace Elegance and Exotic Flair

Transport yourself and a group of cherished friends to a world of refined tropical indulgence with our captivating brunch celebration. Nestled amidst a picturesque backdrop, this enchanting experience harmoniously blends elegance with exotic allure.

Immerse yourself in the following curated elements that promise to elevate your tropical affair:

  • Inviting Tropical Table Decor: Effortlessly chic, our meticulously designed table becomes the focal point, capturing the essence of island-inspired sophistication. Thoughtfully chosen accents infuse your gathering with a refined tropical charm, further transporting you to an exotic oasis of style.
  • 2 Wooden Picnic Tables

    1 Large Rug or Blanket

    Personalized Place Settings

    Striking Floral Arrangement

    1 Chiffon Table Runner or Table Cloths

    2 Candlesticks / Battery Operated Candles

    8 Seat Cushions

    8 Plate Settings

    8  Sets of Utensils

    8 Glasses and Fine Bottled Water

    1 Charcuterie Board on Silver or Wood Platter

    1 Silver Ice Bucket

    1 Picnic Basket

    4 Blankets

    Plush pillows

    1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    1 Instant Print Camera with Film

    String Lights

Add-ons: Elevate your tropical experience with top-shelf champagne, a refreshing fruit platter with a tropical twist, a tropical juice bar boasting an array of exotic flavors, a themed balloon arch inspired by the vibrant tropical hues, additional themed decor tailored to your preferences, pre-ordered meals with tropical-inspired delicacies, a delightful dessert platter featuring delectable tropical treats, easels with paint supplies, or a custom sign adorned with playful tropical accents. Have something else in mind? Let's collaborate! For additions and add-on pricing, please email:

Sip chilled champagne, revel in a visually stunning tropical tablescape, and allow yourselves to be immersed in the convenience of our our all-inclusive picnic amenities. Elevate your tropical party experience, create unforgettable moments, and celebrate the joy of togetherness with your loved ones. Let our expert team make this delightful tropical soirée an occasion to cherish forever.

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