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Welcome to our Chic Garden Party Experience for up to 24 guests

Our garden party set up includes everything you need for a night of elegance and relaxed celebration that’s perfect for gathering your friends and loved ones. Our thoughtfully curated setup brings together the best of nature and modern style, creating a charming and inviting atmosphere for your chic garden affair.

Our Garden Party Includes : 

Event planning , Styling and Personalization

8 Floral Arrangements in Vintage Glass Vases

2 Large Wooden Farmhouse Tables 

Up to 24 Fruitwood Chairs

Up to 3 Umbrellas

Up to 24 Olive Green Champagne Coups / Drinking Glasses

Up to 24 Vintage Ceramic Plates / Plate Sets

Up to 24 Silver Utensil Sets

Up to 24 Chiffon Napkins

Up to 8 Vintage Ceramic, Glass or Silver serving Platters

Up to 8 Glass Serving Bowls

3 Chiffon Table Runners

Vintage Glass Candlesticks with Candles - Various

1 Additional Gathering Area which includes - 1 Low Picnic Table - Picnic Blanket - 4 Floor Cushions

3 Piece Wood Backdrop

Price Includes All Drop Off - Set Up - Clean Up - Dishwashing. Savor the Moment and Leave the Rest to Us. 

Add-ons: Enhance your Garden Party experience with a touch of magic. Elevate the joy of your gathering with top-shelf champagne, Bar Set Up (alcohol not included), a refreshing fruit platter that captures the essence of the garden, a tea-infused juice bar offering a delightful array of flavors, a themed balloon arch to add whimsy, additional decor tailored to your unique preferences, pre-ordered meals that align with the garden ambiance, delightful bites including tea sandwiches, a dessert platter filled with delectable treats, paint night supplies including easels and paint supplies, or a custom sign adorned with playful garden party accents. Have a vision beyond this? Let's collaborate and bring your ideas to life! To explore these additions and their pricing, reach out to us at We'd love to bring your vision to life. 



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